I dint receive my receipt number

My H1-B petition filed on June 1st , but still i dint get my receipt number. Whereas for the people filed on June 6 or 7 als o got the receipt number in my project. When i checked with my employer they say "they are yet to receive the receipt. But still i’m frustrated as everyone got the receipt.

Can any one advise , will there be any problem for my visa or its a normal delay problem for everyone

Thanks in advance

You will get the reciept number no longer than 30 days maximum in worse case. Please check with your employer, also check with them whether your pay check submitted for H1 B fee is encashed…



Thanks Vekambaram. My employer updates, ‘they dont have anything pending from their side, just waiting for the receipt’ :frowning: Is there any way to track my number?

Arun- this time it took 60 days for many and not the normal 30 days in issuing receipts. USCIS had also released a notice informing delay in processing of i129 forms and recipt generation. However since the 60 days have also passed- you can check with your employer if indeed the cheque has been encashed or in other case ask them to follow up with USCIS…Numbers of USCIS are given here where your employer can follow up. Probably you can share the uscis link mentioned here. Best of luck.