I applied for f1 visa but want to attend another university.

I have applied for F1 visa with I20 received from Uni 1. Now, I have also been admitted to another university but I have not received the I 20 from Uni 2 yet. I am planning to continue the visa process with uni 1 but I wish to attend the 2nd university? what should i do? Can I switch to 2nd university after getting visa with first university’s i20?

For your first entry to US on F1 Visa, you need to have a valid visa with the exact school and I20 tied to it, you cannot use the visa issued for Univ X to attend Univ Y. You can check out regulations here on ICE Website

If you intend to transfer, it is recommended that you trasfter after your First semsester. Read this article : [Transfer University in first Semster ? Yes or NO ?](http://redbus2us.com/can-i-transfer-to-another-us-university-before-first-semester-what-are-the-conditions-for-transfer-key-considerations-for-transferring-in-first-week/)

It is not appropriate to switch immediately after coming, not fair on a machinery that worked hard to get you here. Plan to attend one or two semesters and then maybe transfer credits.

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What about getting a transfer before entering US? I know its possible but what do you think about that?

Thank u Sir
Do u suggest that I get a transfer before entering the US?

No, one semester later