I am planning to join consultancy for job&H1 can u help me2choose?

i am thinking to join any of the 4 below can u suggest which is better for getting a job then h1 processing or if u knw any which is gd…please let me knw…i completed masters in computer networking and looking jobs in oracle side…so following are consultancies name

  1. NexGen llc,nj

  2. Bartronics,nj


4.Zumeit, michigan

I would suggest to see the background of these companies and get info about how many H1’s each of them have filed and how many were approved/denied.

And look at the benefits anf decide whom you want.

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thx for the reply :slight_smile: but can u tell me some website to check i googled it but didnt find any reviews tried in desicrunch and gooliti but gt only abt bartronics…nt abt three…if u knw any gd ones plz let me knw… or any reliable websited to check…

H-1 cap is done for this year. Have you already filed through them?