I am on h4. will it be a problem if my case is picked in the lottery and I am outside US that time.

Is it necessary for me to stay in US till the H1b lottery result is out. Like we all know the H1b petition submission lottery window will open from 1st April-5th April.I am on h4 visa.And I dont know when the results will be out.So till the result is out(approval/denial) is it necessary for me to stay inside US.

Or I can go to India after my nomination is submitted between April1-April5’2015.What do you suggest me,or it will be a visa problem if my case is picked and I am not in US.

Traveling out of country will not have any impact on your H1 petition.

In case you get selected in lottery and you have applied for CHANGE OF STATUS (its a separate form to transfer from H4 to H1) along with your H1 petition, the CHANGE OF STATUS application alone will get cancelled. You will have to reapply for CHANGE OF STATUS (from H4 to H1) again after you return back into US. This in no way will affect your chances or result of your H1 petition.