I am on H1 Visa and initiated a visitor(B2) Visa for my wife and kid.


I am in the US on a H1B visa and initially the project is just for 2 months.

But after coming here, my project got extended till the year end(its a hard stop and no extension further). I cant stay without my wife and kid for such long therefore thought of immediately initiating H4 for my wife and daughter.

Paid the fees and when I tried to book the slots, due to the peak season, the waiting time was 110 days which comes to almost 4 months.Therefore immediately converted them into B2 (visitor) Visa and I got the slots in first week of August.

Is it fine to bring m wife and daughter on visitor visa?

what re the implications of it?

Any help/information in this regard would be much appreciated.

This could go either way. B-1 is a non-immigrant visa and the officer could reject it saying that the spouse is in US on H-1 and so they should apply for H-4 and not B-1.