I am On H1 or L Now? Confused


This looks like a funny question to everyone, but I really need help. My H1B was showing Case was Received from April and yesterday it got approved :slight_smile:

Some of you may remember my questions and confusions which I shared before, but for clarity I will add: As I need to continue on my L1 and to keep my H1B for later, I flew to my country on Sep 30th {because the employer filed my H1B as COS }and returned on Oct 16th(My status was still pending on 16th).

My status was approved last night and I need to know on which status I am now. I have an idea from my reading experiences and from admins of redbus2us that if my case was pending and I was not in USA on Oct 1st, and later when I am in USA it got approved, I will be still on L1. Am I right? Is there any ways to check on which visa I am on now?

All the best those who are waiting still… My personal advice those who applied for PP are: They will tell you as 15 calendar days and they are taking 15 business days for the status change. If they start working on your case:(According to my experience) the status changed to :" Name was updated" and within hours it changed to approved. :slight_smile:

Please help me on my question.

Thanks in advance