I am applying for my cos from h4 to f1, my opt will start in sep 2016 can I visit my home country without any risk?

I will be completing my MBA in sep 2016 and will be on my OPT. My visa status would be F1. I will definately have to go for my visa interview before re-entering US since I have applied for COS from H4 to F1. It is safe to travel when on OPT.

It depends on lot of factors. Many have successfully traveled out of US and came back on OPT. If you can avoid travel on OPT, it would be great…but, if not there is no harm as such. You will need to have valid EAD card of OPT, valid passport, valid I20 issued by the school and job offer letter from your employer. If you have all of these, you should be in good shape…but, if you can, I suggest you avoid travel on OPT, unless really required.