I am 10+2 ( HSC ) and got 5 years + experience..am i eligible for H1b

Am I eligible for H1b visa, as i have not done graduation but i am having 5 years of experience…i am only 10+2 ( HSC )…also want to know what are my options…in this

if not, how to get job in US?

You are not eligible as you have not done Bachelors. You would need at least 12 years of work experience to be H-1 eligible.

If your job and employer supports L-1 visa, then you may be eligible for that.

ok so for L-1 as well, do i need any degree or position to get it…currently am working as a executive…!! does it have to be like only managers, Team leaders can apply for it?

L-1 doesn’t have a degree requirement. There are two L1s - L-1A for executives and L-1B for everyone else. Check w/ your attorney if your job qualifies for L-1.