I-94 validity for H1 dependent

I would be moving from L1 to H1B status (COS) starting Oct 1st 2013.

Starting Oct 1st, I assume my [b]old I-94 [/b]( which is valid till March 2015)  will no longer be valid and will get replaced with the [b]new I-94[/b] attached to my I-797A form.

	Will that be the same case for my dependent (wife) with  her I-94 automatically getting void ?

	Should I have her converted to H4 before Oct 1st, in order for a legal stay in US for her ?

	Despite i receiving a new I-94 , can my wife still continue on her L2- I94, till her H4 gets approved ?

[b]Both of our visas (L1/L2) expired early this year, and we are staying in US on a valid I-94.[/b]