I 94 renewal after passport expiry-L1B

I went into this forum in detail, have seen very good suggestions & directions.

I have L1 B visa valid upto apr’2021, but my I-94 expired 7th feb 2020, was linked to my passport expiry. Now I have my new passport and approached company attorney. I am told by my company attorney that I am accruing unlawful stay at US & have written to CBP officer on 16th March per their suggestion.

With 43 days post expiry, I am starting to feel very very nervous, as I am unable travel out of US due Covid-19 condition nor I can drive to Border CBP as my DL also expired. I am told unlaw days less is better, however 180days would trigger 3 year ban to US.

Worst part is, my elder daughter who has L2 visa (minor ) her I-94 has been expired since July’2019 due to passport expiry. I had that time renewed her passport but not knowing I had to renew her I94. My wife and younger daughter’s i94 expired at same date as mine.

My company Attorney and HR hoping, CBP will reply in 7 days, otherwise I need to plan to re-enter US through International travel which is again a “Death Trap”. My manager trying his best to get approval for mexico travel, hoping that should solve.

With National Emergency situation in US and similar situation where we as family are, what advise the experts of this forum can provide.

  1. If I opt air travel to Mexico, Will Port of Entry back in Chicago will be smooth?
  2. If I opt by Road travel to Mexico, Will Port of Entry at the border be safe?
  3. Can I call CBP office directly & explain the situation?
  4. Has anyone succeed going Chicago airport and able to renew I-94? Do they allow? Is it safe?
  5. Will my elder daughter I-94 now beyond 180 days, can there be concern be entry at port of entry?

Pls suggest.

Any suggestions/advice?