I-94 Maiden to Married Last name change


Please help me on the below issue:

My wife recently changed her Last name from Maiden to Married Last name in Indian passport. H4 I-797A and I-94 are issued before this last name change.

We went to CBP office for name change and they said this I-94 was issued by USCIS and CBP office don’t do this correction.

Where should we get this name changed on I-94?

My wife is going to India next month. She is eligible for Drop box for Visa stamping.

Can she go for stamping with old Last name on I-797A?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I didn’t find any article from recent posts.


I think she can just avail the dropbox facility and mention the new name in the DS-160 form. In the DS-160 form there is a question asking if she has ever been known by a different name, there she can mention old name.

She doesn’t need to submit her H-4 797, but your H-1 797 for the stamping. When entering US, she would be issued I-94 with corrected name.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you. She submitted documents via dropbox facilty and Everything was smooth. While entering I-94 was issued with new last name per passport & visa

Thanks for the update. Glad it worked out in your case.