I-94 Extension upon US arrival


Have heard that upon return to US, most of the time people get upto 2 years of I -94 extension irrespective of visa expiry date.

Is it true ?

In my case, my L1A visa expires JUL 2013 while I-94 expires SEP 2013.
So what are the chances that my I-94 would get extended by 1-2 years ?

Also are there any specific e port of entry(Chicago/NY) where such scenario is high ?
I am planning to go India for few days…

Note : My passport is valid for another 2 years.



It depends on the person stamping your I94 at the port of entry. Sometimes they give it till the end of your visa date and sometimes they just add 3 years from the current date. It is totally by luck. The best way to handle this is to file for L1 extension.

If you get an I-94 for a shorter duration, you can visit local USCIS or CBP office and get it extended for 3 years.