I 797B lost,can h1B transfered with only petition no.

Please help me in getting I-797(Notice of Action).

I worked for company A, during that period I have received H1B visa stamp till 9 Mar 2013 and my PED:18OCT2013.

I went for B1 visa through my current company B, during that time my H1B visa stamping has cancelled.

I assumed that visa got cancelled and visa also expired, I have thrown my I 797B document.

Now I came to know that we can still extension my petition if I have I 797B document with me. Even I dont have soft copy also with me.

I know only my 14 digit receipt no and PED exists in visa stamping.

I have contacted my company A to provide I 797B, if they would have maintained a copy. But I didn’t get.

Can you please help me how to get I 797B to extend my petition?

I have one more doubt, Can we transfer H1B to other company with only petition no(14 digit number)?

Thanks in advance, looking forward for your reply.