I-539 " valid from" date error - how to correct it

My dependents’ H4 extensions filed and approved along with my H1 extension. But the “valid from” information is incorrectly printed on I-539 and I-94s for my dependents whereas the “valid from” date is correctly printed on my approval notice and I-94.

The valid from suppose to be 02/10/2015 but printed as 09/10/2015 for my dependents and it is printed as 02/10/2015 for me. 02/10/2015 is the expiry date ( valid throught) date on my previous approval forms ( for my dependents and me). To correct this error I visited local USCIS service center today (01/02/2015) and they said they will corrent it and time line is 60 days. No application has filed/written.

So the question is if we receive the corrented approvals after 02/10/2015, is there any issues. Am I missing any application or supplement that needs to be submitted to keep my depedents status!? Thanks

Hello @Nagrahul521,
Did you got the dates corrected ? finally.
is it ok , if we dont get it corrected. In my case, it was primary applicant itself. There is a gap between previous approval notice ‘end date’ and current approval ‘start date’ about 5months. My attorney says, its ok. But, wanted to know if this will have any impact in future visits to US ?