I-140 questions after approval

I have several questions around I-140. Hope someone can answer :slight_smile:

  1. How soon can I change the employer after I-140 is approved or the extension of H1B is done?

  2. I might have a situation where I need to be in India for couple of years. Can I have my GC processing to continue while I am outside US? What are the options and possibilities that I leverage the current I-140 while I am away?

  3. Can I travel abroad while my I-140 petition is in process? I have H1B visa stamped valid until Nov’14.

  4. Can I travel abroad (I will have H1B visa stamp valid during travel) while my extension of H1B is in process?

  5. Any issues at the port of entry if the H1B visa stamp is close to expiration at the time of re-entry in US?

  6. How long it typically takes for I-140 processing?

Thank you so much for your time answering these questions.