Husband Wife both H1B stamping

Me and my wife both are currently in USA on H1B working for the same employer. We are visiting India soon and we both need to go for H1B stamping at Chennai. I wanted to know if we both can take 1 single appointment together or do we need to take 2 different appointments?

Also, while I was booking appointment for myself, In dependents, I added my wife assuming we could go for same appointment. Later when I decided to book 2 different apppointments, I realized there is no way to delete my wife details in my appoinement details as it stores it in the system, and when my wife tries to book a seperate appointment it does not allow her because it says I have added her as a dependent. Does we know how we can rectify this?

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It is a known problem in the system. When it says dependents they mean H4s or L2s not another H1. Call the help desk number and tell them to delete your wife’s entry. They will do it for you. There are customer care numbers listed in the website.

is there any appointment restriction to go individually? we are in same situation thinking about same appointment for both.

have you visited in same appointment?? or individually ,please reply.