Husband to work in US


My H1B was approved last year, but I have not gone for any stamping till now.

I am offered a new permanent position in the US by word and they have not started any processing yet.

But my spouse doesnot have a H1 or H4. Should he apply for H4 first?

If he comes with me to the US on H4, what all should he do to look for a job or get employed in the US?

Please let me know in detail. We are waiting for your answer to decide on whether or not to accept my permanent position offer.

Thanks in advance.



Your husband has couple of options:

  1. Find an employer willing to sponsor H-1 for him. If you both make through the lottery, you both will have your own H-1s and can work in US

  2. If he doesn’t get H-1, then he can go for H-4 visa stamping. No action is required yet, and he can appear for H-4 visa stamping when you appear for your H-1 visa stamping (this is after your petition has been approved). He cannot work on H-4.

IMO, if a person has been working in his/her home country and has to sit at home in US, that’s a BIG change and should be given a serious thought.