Husband in US on H1,me going for H1B interview


My husband is in US on an H1b visa .

I am going for my H1B interview in 2 days.Apart from questions being asked to me ,will there be any questions about my husband’s employment in US or his H1B ,do I have to show some proof if asked about his employment.

Please let me know asap.



Dear Shaavi,

DS 160 asks about yr husband.

Answer truthfully and fearlessly in interview.

If possible carry copy of his visa / I 797. You will get yr visa if documentation is proper. Do not worry

Deepak Deshpande Nagpur

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phone 91-712-2420855

Hi Deepak,

Thanks .I just forgot that they do ask the spouse details in the DS-160.I just thought that I dont have any proof that he is actually in US so raised this question.I will carry his visa petition in case …

Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround,