Husband f2 rejected twice. Chances for F2/ B1 visa for him.


I am working in US in OPT. My husband is working India.

(all visa interviews attended in hyderabad)

He tried for [b]F1 in 2012 July[/b] and was [b]rejected[/b] on 214b. 

We got married in Jan 2013. He applied for [b]F2 in Feb 2013[/b] (I was working in campus part time) and was [b]rejected[/b]. VO said " She cannot support your expenses, you can try after she gets a job"

He reapplied for [b]F2 in Sept 2013[/b] and got [b]rejected [/b]again with 214b. We had all the documents ( pay slips, bank statements, marraige documents, husband's bank documents etc.) -- 

        VO - did not see any documents, he directly said you can reapply when ur wife is on H1. 

        Husband - what is the reason? she is having strong financials 

        VO - yes, i understand she has strong financials but i am sorry i cannot issue visa, u can reapply when your wife is in H1.

Is it advisible for my husband to reapply in Chennai for either F2/ B1or wait for my H1 to be processed. My H1 will start in Oct 2014. 

Can you pls suggest



Without going too much in detail, it appears to me that visa officer was in a way right.

in dependent’ visa Principal aplicant’s official position in USA matters.

Do not apply for F2 / B2 visa again so soon. Visa application will be rejected again

Your husband can be approved for a B1 visitor visa any time. The planned stay has to be brief and purpose is for husband and wife to spend some time together. This is allowed and encouraged under a family unification clause. Even better if this trip is planned along with your parents. He or anyone else cannot however stay back as a dependent and be an obvious burden on a student worker. I don’t see this as a visa rejection but an admonition to both of you to plan correctly. A student’s financial strength documents do not have merit and will not be scrutinized.

Best wishes, hope your husband joins you soon

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;