How to write EDUCATION section


Anybody kindly give suggestion on this,

What to write in the section  "[b]Have you attended any Educational institutes other than elementary schools" in DS 160 form[/b]

As per my knowledge and search in this section we have to write Cources we have done Aftre the age of 11 ( means excluding 1 to 7 class education)

I have done following educations as all normal indian studednt do,

[b](1) 8th class (2) 9th class[/b]

[b](3) 10th class (SSC) (4) 11th class (5) 12th Class (HSC)[/b]

[b](6) Bachlor's degree (7) Master's degree[/b]

Now my question is how to put all his in the Education section of DS 160 form,

a)  Shall I show each one as separate using "add another" for each one, if I showing in such a way what shall i put NAME OF INSTITUTION for each this section.

b) In my school, 8th to 12th Class was considered as Higher secondary, so shall i show one section as HIGHER secondary, other Bachlor's degree and third one Master's degree.

c) What to write in Date of attendance? year start date and end date? If i do not have that dates what to do?

My basic question is how to segregate or club this education classes and how to give them attendance date?



See my response in the main blog on this question.