How to update DS 160 once the visa appointment is confirmed ?

I have submitted my DS 160 and also received my visa appointment date as 23rd Dec 2014. The mistake that Imade in DS 160 is that i dint update my Mother and Father details as per my passport ( Which includes First Name, Last Name and Middle Name). However, in DH 160 I updated only First Name and Last Name. Request you to answer my below questions :

  1. Is it required to keep the Mother and Father details in DS160 as per my Passport ?

  2. If yes, whats the procedure to get these details updated ?

Note that my parents are not consided as my dependents.




  1. It’s not necessary to have your parents name as per passport as long as the DS 160 application is for your visa.

  2. You can’t update the DS 160 once you have the DS 160 confirmation with you. You’ll have to fill a new one if you have to.