how to submit 221(g) documents over email

My wife’s B1/B2 visa renewal got denied under 221(g) and VO asked to submit all documents via email.

We have attach resume, salary slips, tax documents and other required documents via embeded PDF objects. Just wanted to check if this format is accurate or should we provide that in any other format?

I am attaching sample file so you could check it out. Appreciate if someone who had submitted 221(g) docs over email, could confirm how they sent those docs.

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I saw the sample file you had uploaded. Actually, my interview was on 28 Jun 18 and was also asked to forward the exact same list of documents. I have forwarded the documents in the same manner as your sample file but now I was also having doubts about the exact format to be used. Did you forward the documents yet in the same format? What’s the status of your case?