How to show strong ties with home country for parents B2 visa in DS-160?

I am on H1B status since 2011. My parents visa was refused on Apr-05-2018 with 214b.Now we want to reapply for their visitor visa. My father is a farmer, he possesses own lands and house. Even I have one brother and one sister who are staying in India. Both are married and having kids. So, my parents have strong ties in home country. Why they will want to stay in US?But the question is how to show the strong ties because most of the time VO even don’t ask such details.Even in DS-160 they don’t have question where we can describe that my parents have land and house in India.

Is your parents visa got approved? My in laws visa also got denied with the same reason. If yes then what changes you made in DS160? Please let me know