How to prove close ties with India for F1 visa

I am concerned about how can I prove that I am not a potential immigrant, as all I can show is that my parents own a flat in india and my father is curently employed. Another point that may not be in my favor is that I have one sibling (sister) who is married and settled in USA (they are Green Card holders). I do not have any job offer from my present employer but managers have verbally told you can apply again after your education (but they wont give me in writing.)

I am looking to study MBA abd specialize in Consulting stream, all I can tell the VIsa officer is that an International MBA with specialization in Consulting is a valued and rare qualification in India, as not many Institutes in India offer MBA with Consulting and that too with International experience, hence my job prospects are bright in top Management consulting firms, when I come back. Also down the line I want to start my own management consulting firm, and India’s economic env. will be conducive for that. Will this answer be sufficient to prove that I am not looking to migrate? what else can i say or what other documnets can I provide


If you have 15 days of time, write to top US consulting companies such as Ernst and Young, Deloitt, etc and express your interest in starting a business within India on their principles. Their executives will email you back with a preliminary note of interest. Correspond back and forth. Collect this data and show it as your effort in setting up a consulting practice in India. Tell the officer that the field in which you are studying has more potential in Asia than USA. Your married sister’s presence in the USA is not a game changer, she has her own family to worry about which should not have anything to do with your plans. Will your school support you with the visa process beyond a simple I-20 issue? They should. Email me on the address below as school information need not be shared here and I can tell if post I-20 visa interview support exists in your school.

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