How to procure copy of I797


I would need your help on the following scenario:

I am currently employed with one of the IT majors, and my previous employer filed a H1B petition for me in 2009. It got approved and my previous employer got all the relevant documents pertaining to my petition approval.

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I could not go ahead with stamping at that point of time. Then, I changed my employer sometime later.

My current employer has an opportunity for me in the US, which I would like to explore. Since my petition is cap exempt as it has already undergone the cycle which USCIS follows, hence, to avail this opportunity, my current employer is asking me to share I-797 for my petition which is already filed. He says that it is needed since it is the only valid proof that I can produce to authenticate that my petition is in my name, legal and cap exempt.

Unfortunately, there are some delays that are happening while procuring I-797 copy from my previous employer, which is delaying my H1B application to be filed by my current employer.

Can you please let me know whether USCIS can share I-797 for my petition or else can you please let me know whether they can confirm this over mail whether a given petition number belongs to me or not.

Havimg case number would do in general. Employer/Attorney will take care of geting i797 copy

If u still want to know, U must file FOIA… see below