How to make use of my H1B within my current employer

I have a H1B Visa valid upto Febuary '17th 2013. When asked about filing an extension my current employer immigration team says that the extension can be filed anytime this year as long as iam in India. Now iam getting calls from other companies who are looking for H1B visa candidates, i dont know what they can do with my case.

Could you please let me know what are the best possible ways to make use of my VISA ?

In short my questions would be

  1. If i change my company will my VISA be useful to the new employer.

  2. How can i file an extension to my current VISA within my current employer.

  3. If at all i travel to US as a dependent holding a H4 Visa with my wife, how can i get a work permit there ?

  1. Yes the new employer can file a cap exempt petition for you.

  2. Extensions can be filed from US also. If you travel before Feb 17th you can file it from here. I think this is your company’s policy to file it from India.

  3. If you travel on H4, a new employer can file a cap exempt petition for you and once it is approved you can start working.