How to know what category you were selected under? Masters or General?


I hope you are well during these challenging times.

My H1b registration application was selected from the lottery. However we mistakenly entered that I was masters eligible. We did not know that the education had to be in a US based university.

I have a couple of questions surrounding this and on how to proceed:

  1. Is there anyway to know if you were selected from the Masters lottery or the general lottery?

  2. Should we continue under the general cap now or will masters documentation be required?

  3. If the petition was rejected on the grounds of the masters not being in the US would they keep the money or give a refund?

  4. What information does the bar code at the bottom of the form i-797c registration selection letter. What does that provide the person who scans it?

Thank you in advance, any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,