how to know the truth abt RFE from employer

my employer cut all conatcts with me since my case status is RFE .

its been two months since my status change to rfe .my employer haven’t submitted any evidence .hez not sharing anything and not even responding to my calls or mails .

how to get the truth out of him .

i am completely in dark neither i know abt RFE or whether hez going to answer them or not ??

please suggest me how to get the truth out of my employer abt my RFE?

You have no option. Its totally upto employer’s discretion. Did you pay anything for h1b? . Keep receipts in hand. you can lodge complaint in Inida to police and DOL in US.

Thats why it is important to select good employer

Thanks . as u suggested please pass on manual to find"good employer" “snow winter”.

Here is the manual

Find out how many h1b’s are approved, how are the reviews of the company, talk to the employees of the company.

Hope this helps.