How to get transfer from h4 to h1 visa!


I have some questions regarding h4 --> to h1

My wife is in India and I am apply for her h4 while my h1 is valid until oct 2013.

Well my employer willing to apply for my extension in August.

what is the chance of getting h4 stamp of my wife!

If she comes on h4 then is there any possibility to get her h1(she wants to work on h1 as she is working as a software developer in India)!

What happen if I applied now for her h4 (so obviously my wife may getting her h4 until oct 2013 ). After my extension approval then I have to take her new h4 extension visa or she can leave with me until my h1b visa valid even though her h4 expired!

Please answer these question as it’s very very urgent.

Thanks in advance.

When does she plan to travel to US on H-4?

If she has no plans to travel until Oct, then its better to get the extension and then apply for her H-4. If she wants to travel now, then she can go for H-4 stamping using current petition. Once in US, your employer can file for her H-4 extension along w/ your H-1 extension.

As for H-1, an employer can file that in April 2014 w/ a start date of Oct 2014.