How to get pre-reqs waived?

Hi !

I completed my BE this year in Electronics and Communication with a mere 6.5 CPI (13 mark sheets). I scored 306 in GRE (160 Quant,146 Verbal) and 98 in TOEFL. I’m planning to do MS in Computer Science from the US and since I’m not having much prior knowledge of CS, I’m taking a year drop and hence will apply for Fall’16, so that I can gain more knowledge in this new field.

I’m aware of the fact that when i get admission, I will be awarded few pre-reqs ( which might increase my course duration and definitely the expense ). So I have two questions regarding this :

  1. Are there any certified courses (or any other way), doing which I can get the pre-reqs waived? And what are the various computer science subjects that I should be learning during this 1 year time to get fully familiar with this new field?

  2. How can I make my profile stronger? I’m going to give GRE again to get higher score. Apart from GRE are there any other ways by which I can make my profile look stronger?

Need guidance. Thanks in advance !

Anuj Shah

  1. Nope. I do not see any reason for you to wait for one year to learn the basics. You are better off doing the pre-requisities in US than wasting a year here…There is no guarantee that schools need to waive the pre-requisites based on some course that you did at some institute. I suggest you drop this idea and do pre-requisites in US.

  2. Well, besides GRE score, things like Good Recommendation letters, Good Statement of purpose, extra curricualar activities, volunteer work can add value to the profile.