How to get new full 6 years on H1B?

I am currently (as on 04 September 2018) in USA on L1B Visa. My L1B is maxing out on 29 March 2019. This year my company applied for H1B (applied on 1st April 2018 as consular processing - not change of status) and my application in picked in lottery. Question (with assumption that H1B will get approved):How can I get 6 years full years on H1B? (not 5 years of L1B + 1 year on H1B, New 6 years on H1B without counting 5 years of L1B)If I go back to India on max out of L1B (on 29th March 2019) and stay there (out of USA) for 1 year, before coming back to USA on H1B - Am I eligible to get six full year’s visa based on H1B? Please note that my H1B application is filed in April 2018 (as consular processing), while I was in USA only.