How to get IT jobs in USA........Please Answer

Hi, I’m Basavaraj (27yrs) working in one of the MNC in Bangalore. I’ve Done my education (BCA) through distance education and also persuing my MS IT through distance mode.

Currently Working as Sr IT Specialist (Technical Support) I've total 4+yrs of experience in IT industry.

I would like to find job in USA and settle there or may be work for few years then come back to India. Well I really don't have any godfather  due to poor economic situation i had to drop my engineering and start working. Now the situation is little fine but still I'm striving to find job there in US. I do understand at this point of time it is very difficult to find job in US. But there must be way which i would'nt be knowing.

Need help how do i get job there?, I've already posted my resume in various job portals like Monster, hound, linkedin etc...

Have not heard back from them yet.

Please guide me so that I can persue my career and dream.

Your help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Join Top IT Consultancy companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro In India

work hard there and prove your skills set…

once you have good reputation they will send you in long term onsite projects to USA

same time luck also work but keep chaseing your dreams soon you will see results.

Finding job in US from India could be very daunting. As mentioned, your best bet would be join an IT company and pursue that option.

Other alternatives are finding a botique IT services company that has US presence and working with them for visa sponsorship. With all the work visa abuse by IT bodyshop companies, rules are tough…best bet would be through a big IT company…