How to get H1B records without Receipt Number through FOIA

In Sep-2012, my previous employer processed H1B and the petition got selected in the lot. I have moved out of that employer and also have lost the receipt number. Now my current employer is ready to process that petition in Cap exempt. I hold a valid B1 visa which was processed by the same ex-employer before H1B petition filing. So my questions are,

  1. Can I get receipt number through FOIA by giving my details alone like Name, DOB, Passport Number?

  2. Is there any better way to get my petition approved documents other than ex-employer source?

  3. Can any attorney get me the documents or only by the attorney who filed H1B for me?

Please help me out. Thanks a lot!!!

Response #3: Only your attorney… 1 &2: No Idea…Sorry

Hi Sir,

Did you get the H1b approval notice I-797B through FOIA ? Please share your experience it will be helpful for us. Even I’m also planning to apply for the same.

Thanks in advance.