How to get H1B Approval notice I-797B from USCIS

Hi Friends,

I have applied for h1 in 2015 and it got approved. My employer shared me just petition number through email but not the H1 receipt notice which they received from USCIS. They are not having any project in hand and even they are not giving the H1B approval notice. When I approach any new employer they are asking for the H1B approval notice to initiate the transfer. Because they want to make sure that the receipt number is mine only.

Can someone please help me how to get either Receipt notice or approval notice from USCIS so that the other employer can start the transfer process? I know just receipt number is sufficient to transfer h1b. But employers want to make sure that the number is correct and is mine only. They don’t want to take any risk without any proof.

Thanks in advance.



You cannot get one without the help of your employer. Do get a duplicate copy, you need to have a copy of the applications form (I129) and the copy of the receipt notice. Try convincing your employer by stating you are leaving out of country and need to it to get your H1 stamped on your passport, they “may” give you your petition.

It is illegal for an employer to withhold documents from the employee. Don’t threaten them, ask them politely in writing that you need them for travel. Please keep copies of your request to the employer. If they still don’t respond, please get legal help. Legal may provide you citations in the law that mandates that the employer provide you the necessary documents you have requested.