How to email the documents for 221-g submit, my documents is more than 25 mb


I have attended VISA interview on 25th Aug 2014.I got 221-G blue slip saying that send all the ticked documnets in PDF format to the mentioned email address.

and Now I have all the documents in PDF format. but the size of all the documents is more than 25 MB. I think there is some limit of the file size attachment in the email. but they need all the documents in one email.

So My question is how to submit the documents via email. please advice if anyone done earlier.


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Hey Chandansh! I have the same problem. Received 221g in Nov 2016. I sent them an email with a link to my dropbox. I am hoping that will be fine for the consulate in Chennai. Could you please let me know how you solved the problem by answering your question? Thanks in advance!