How to check, whether my case is considered for Premium Process?


It’s been quite sometime, there is no status update in the USCIS portal with regards to my case that was picked-up in the Lottery. Interim, I did plan to expedite the process I file for Premium Processing where the documents were submitted on 5th of March’17. Till date I don’t find any kind of update from USCIS that my case was upgraded to Premium.

This is really confusing situation where no information is coming up. Appreciate if you can address my concern is will there be any update in my case status in USCIS if Premium process is done, as there isn’t any RFE issue in my case?



Was the case picked up in this year’s lottery? If yes, then how did you apply for PP? That’s suspended currently.

It was picked up last year i.e.2016 and I did apply PP in the March 2017.

Ask your attorney to follow-up w/ USCIS. If it was correctly upgraded to PP, then it should have been processed by now. There were some cases when USCIS returned the PP fees but still said that they would process it ASAP, but not just within 15 day SLA.

Hi, thanks for your valuable reply, will check and get back to you.