How to apply H1B from India (Assistance to apply H1B)

Hello Sir -

Current I work from India.
I have a direct request from my client in US to work for them on a contract basis. My client company in US cannot offer me a permanent position at this moment.
And I don’t have H1B Visa to work in US.
So could you please let me know what I should do to apply H1B through and agent or a consultancy?
I can obtain the client letter from the client stating the requirement and other details.

Please help.

Thank you-


The First and foremost important step is to…

Check for some genuine consultancies, enquire well before you file through them and I advise you not to fall for the fake consultancy traps.

Once you get some good consultancy, they will give you some document checklist needed from you and they will look after the rest of the process.

You need to just have an eye on your consultancy,about the process going on & the fee particulars, that he is charging for the whole filing process. This you can tally from the Immigration site.

The most difficult thing to accomplish while filing through a Consultancy is to get the Client Letter. Since your client is anyways ready to hire you on Contract basis and give you a letter. There is nothing that you need to worry about.

Go Ahead and start your Homework to file for 2016. :slight_smile: