How to apply for dependent visa H4?


I am applying for H1B visa this year. I was asked to answer few question from my employer, there I was asked below question

Are application by dependents being filed with this petition?

Our HR said write No. She said when I go for interview/stamping show your marriage certificate to US consulate and they will grant you H4(dependent) visa.

Is that true?

If not then how can I apply for H4 visa?

Thanks in Advance


That is partially correct. No application needs to be filed for H-4 dependents right now.

Once you are ready for stamping, the dependents will have to submit their fees, complete DS-160 form and then appear for stamping along w/ you (you will have to schedule the interview that way). So not just telling the officer about marriage but some paperwork and fees submission prior to that.

Thanks Saurabh. Ya I think that makes sense … Should be this way only …