How to answer DS160 question about Visa rejection , Previous H1B extension denial

I am trying to get visa stamping appointment for my current H-1B visa petiion valid from Feb 2020 to Feb 2023 In the appointment booking process there is a question " Were you ever refused a US Visa" ?
My previous H1b petition renewal was rejected and I had to repatriate in Sept 2018. I later came back on H4 visa and in Feb 2020 got my change of status to H1B again.

What should I answer for the above question. If I answer Yes it asks me to go for an interview appointment. If I answer No I will get the dropbox option

Also I have answered the DS160 question as Yes and explained the reason for H1B extension denial

Kindly help me with this

Extension of status denial is not the same as visa denial. Visa is issued or denied by consulates while extension of status is approved or denied by USCIS, two totally different things. Visa is a travel document required to enter the US while extension of status makes you eligible to keep living in the US. Your answer should be NO for visa denial.