How much time left in H1 after status change in between to H4


I have a question reqarding my time left in H1

I came to US in May 2007 in H4. Applied for H1, got approval october 2008. Worked for 5 months till February 2009 and did a status change to H4. Then i started working in 2009 September, applied for a status change - Employer got RFE, so applied for a new H1 through another employer- got approval in March 2010. From then I have been working without any break till now - October 2012. How many more years i have got in my H1?

Would appreciated help in this regard, Thanks in advance

In total the number of years that you worked in USA should not exceed 6 years. The clock will be reset only if you stay outside the country for 1 year.

Calculate the number of months you were inside US on H-1 visa status. The subtract it from 6 years to know the remaining term.

Thank you both … for answering…