How much time is given/allowed for me to return to US when my Priority date becomes Current?

My PD is Dec 2013 EB2 India. I140 is approved. I am outside US with a different employer now.
How much time would I get( or is allowed) to return to US if EB2 “Date for Filing” becomes Dec 2013 which is my PD?

For e.g let’s say we are in August 2022 and in Aug Visa bulletin the “Date for Filing” shows as DEC 2013 which is my PD. so now starting from Aug 2022, how many days/months do I have to arrange for an employer, move to US on H1B for instance and request them to port i140…and rest of the GC process?

Please suggest any other thought you might have if that helps my situation. Thankyou in advance.

for reference:
as of Dec 2021 Visa Bulletin,
the Date for Filing is 08 JUL 2013 and
Final Action Date is 01 MAY 2012

USCIS expects the beneficiary to file adjustment of status with in one year of the date being current in the final action chart. That said if you are unable to file within 12 months due to circumstances not in your control, you can still file AOS with proper documentation to support the delay is filing.

Thanks.i am trying to understand "with in one year of the date being current in the final action chart"
for eg in August 2022 Visa bulletin says the “Date for Filing” is DEC 2013 which is my PD. so now starting from Aug 2022 i have 1 year till AUG 2023?
secondly should i consider filing date or final action date for this example?

12 months from when your PD becomes current. Your PD is only considered current once in final action chart.
If USCIS allows filing under date for filing chart, you can file AOS with EAD & AP but your AOS will not get processed till your PD is current.

much appreciated your thorough knowledge on this Kalpesh. Thanks
in my case since i am outside US, can i file AOS with EAD, AD while being outside? or my only option is to return on H1B/visa when final action date is PD then port i140?
where can i read more about “If USCIS allows filing under date for filing chart”. when does this scenario happens? i am asking because filing date is already 08 JUL 3013. just 5 months away from my PD. does this mean "filing date " scenario is happening before “final adjustment date”. sorry about noob questions. Thanks

To file AOS you need to be in the US, ideally employed with green card sponsoring employer. If you are not in the US, you will need to go for consular processing which will cause more delay.

There are tons of articles on this and many other forums on AOS/GC process. Check the below link to find if USCIS will allow to file under DOF for EB categories.

More importantly talk to your GC sponsoring employer and their immigration lawyer to plan your move to the US and AOS processing.

Thanks a Ton Kalpesh!