How much money as funds as US student visa you need to have on the account?

So I’ve researched and almost non of the websites tell you the amount you need for a US student visa. There is one site that soad almost 30,000$…another 20,000$…and when i asled here the banks they said you don’t need more than 3,000$…now which one is true? Do you need to have the money enough for tuition plus living expenses? Or…?

It is a simple rule and is calculated by the city you are planning to arrive in. You will calculate exactly how much the tuition per semester and cost for 1 year is. Then you will decide if the stay is going to be in campus housing or sharing rent with other students. Find out comparative costs and be concrete in plans. Set aside $10 per meal 3 times a day 7 days a week. Health insurance will be $80 per month. Emergency funds should be $250 per month. From this total, you will deduct on-campus employment which is 20 hours a week and apprx $8 per hour which you plan to get after 1 month. The overall math should be practical and well thought through and you will have no problems. Be confident in your answers. You must pay for the airfare yourself, it does not look good if you say that someone abroad paid for it but this sort of varies.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar


That is a good thinking to do. And it seems very reasonable.