How many times H1B visa can be extended before going to US?


I got my H1B visa approved for one year till 30th September 2016.

I have applied for H1B in 2015 January.

I cannot go to US due to personal reasons till December 2016 and also
I want to apply for an extension in 2017 only.

Please let me know if it is possible to apply for extension in 2017.

Can I extend my visa several times in this way if my employer is willing to do it?

Do I need to go through lottery process again for extension?

Please help me out.

Thanks so much in advance.

You can actually just let the petition expire, no need to keep updating it. Since you have an approved H1 within the last 6 years you can simply apply for a new H1 and you don’t need to go through the lottery.