How many G1450 required to fill i539 and I 539A fee

Hi I applied for H4 extension and filled form i539 and i539A.i did my fee payment using for G 1450 as I paid through credit card. I paid total of $540.
It’s been 15 days and neither I have got receipt notice nor rejection.
My question is should j have filled two g 1450 one for I 539 and other I 539A biometric.
Please help.

It will take some time. My credit card was charged on the 30th day.

thanks sir… but was it 30 working days or 30 days in total.
and have got ur receipt notice

30 days in total. I am still waiting for the receipt notice. but I got sms with the case number. Mine is California service center

and how did u made the payment and one more information i want how many application you sent to lockbox facility.

credit card. I sent G1450. It’s just me, one I539.

You don’t need to send multiple 1450 if you are applying for a couple of dependents. One1450 should be enough.

ok …so may i ask you why you have not applied form i 539 online any specific reason…because my visa is till 30 oct so i am planning to file online as i have heard that u get receipt notice instantly when u file online

I’ve applied for H4 EAD too…so I didn’t file online

ohh…if u have any idea about how long it takes to get receipt notice if u apply online

Not sure, but I see in other forums that you would get immediate receipt number. Sine you’ve already applied , wait for some more time. Which service center?

lewisville texas…it reached lockbox on 22 sept…but my visa is till 30 oct 2020. what if i apply online … will that create any problem.

yes. you will have multiple applications. Wait for some more time. I’ve applied on sept 4th and the credit card was charged on sept 30th.

Thanks Sir…will wait and good luck for ur application