How many days it takes to receive I-797 approved papers from the date of "Post decision activity" status

Requesting everybody in this forum to share their experience on the time between H1B approval, status “Post decission activity” to approved paper received from USCIS/NVC.
How many days it takes?

Thanks in advance.

USCIS will send it to your employer and then your employer should send it to you along with other necessary documents required for stamping.

It should take nearly 2 weeks or a little more.

I just assummed your employer and petitioner are same.

Thanks, but my employer said they may receive papers end of August. I got confused. It’s true or false. if they are begging time.

I got to know that my petition is approved in end of 3rd week of May.
My employer mailed me documents in 1st week of June.

I am completely new to all this. I can tell you my experience that’s all I can do.
My case was premium processed.
Hope it helps.

I am also completely new. Many thanks for sharing your case. Mine is regular not premium. Don’t know if it differs.

You can read about premium processing here:

hello, have you received the original I797. If yes can you please tell me when did you receive… I am also on same bat mine is approved on June 27 but still waiting for same.