How many days it takes for VISA after successful client verification

When I went for VISA stamping on 6th Feb 2017, i got 221g form asking for client letter. I submitted the same on 7th Feb. It took around 2 1/2 months and finally, client verification is done on 14th April 2017. But, there is no case update yet.

It has been 14 days now after client verification, but no update on website.

Does anybody know, how many days, it can take to issue VISA after successful client verification?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Hi Niren,

It will take time depends on case to case study,no body knows exact time period.One think you can do just mail to regarding your case and situation. Definitely you will get response with proper solution.And you will get your visa dont worry & ALL THE BEST.

Actually gives only standard reply saying that, it is in Admin processing. I know, it varies from case to case basis.But, if anybody has got VISA , after successful client verification, then i can know approx timeline

Hi Niren, Did you get your visa ? How long it took to get the passport submission mail ?

I’m also in the same boat.