How many days before USCIS updates case status to 'Response to RFE received' in Premium Processing

My attorney submitted the RFE response 3 days ago. This H1B petition was filed under Premium Processing. When can I expect to see the USCIS website update the case status to ‘Response to RFE received’?

I am also in the same situation My attorney sent out RFE on 27th Feb. But still case status is not updated. Let me know if you get any changes.

Mine is processed in Vermont center. The case status got updated to RFE response received. Mine is being done in premium mode. On the whole it took 3 days to update status

On which date you sent reply to RFE? I am also in pp

Rfe response was mailed on Feb 27th . Every processing center is different. Give it a day or two. Good luck. Let’s hope our RFEs get cleared without any issues

Hi did you get any update?

Rfe response is under review. Hoping the visa gets approved. Fingers crossed. How about you? Is yours also being processed in Vermont center?

Yes mine is getting processed in Vermont and RFE response received.

Hi, can you pls update here, when your RFE is processed. This wait is been excruciating. Thank you

Yeah sure… I expecting a minimum of 7 days to get a decision. Let me know if you get it before. Don’t worry everything will be fine. What is your RFE stands? Mine is on vibe

Hi did you get any update on the RFE response? your receipt number ends with xxxxxx26?

Not yet, hoping to hear before end of week. how about you? Mine ends with 36. Just curious, what does the ending digits indicate?

Just I was checking receipts randomly. one more petition sent response on 2nd march and still waiting for approval. Thought it is you… :slight_smile:

Hi… Did you get any update? Hope it is your 15th calendar day right? Sometimes uscis website will get updated later and the approval will be with employer/attorney. So check with them as well.

Nothing yet. Hopefully will get an update by tomorrow.

Do a check with attorney/employer. They might recieved approval thru email.

Hi the status isn’t updated in USCIS website. But the attorney got the approval notice from USCIS…such a big relief. Good luck with yours.

That’s a great news… Congrats… Happy working at US…

Thank you. Hope yours is approved as well.

Thanks… One more clarification… USCIS update the case status of your on 3rd March or 2nd March?