How long will LCA certification take


I have my H1B filed under 2012 quota from one of Indian mnc and got it stamped on May 9th.Currently my proj do not have any requirement,so I am planning to look for other clinets in my company,in that case does doing LCA for the new location suffice as I am with the same employer.Also how many days will it take for LCA to be co mpleted.



You need to get a new LCA certified for your new position and work location and get your H1B petition amended with the new LCA and the new client/project related documents.

Typically, DOL takes 7 business days to certify an LCA application. Then the employer has to post it in their office for 10 days and then use that LCA for H1B purpose.

Thanks for the reply,but I heard from my friends that just getting a new LCA will server the purpose is that right,as in my case H1b visa has been sponsored by my Indian company ABC for one of its clinet XYZ, so if I am going for some other client ,does just LCA posting serve,olease clarify

Off late, they have started issuing 221g when H-1 amendment is not filed after new LCA. If you want, you can try w/ just the LCA; but if you want to play really safe then it’s better to get H-1 amendment done.