How long does the 221g cases take to resolve?

I have appeared for a visa interview for H1B visa stamping from US consulate, Kolkata on Jan 4th, 2013. The petition was approved on June 20th, 2012. The guy just asked me 1-2 questions about my employer and asked to explain my phd topic. Next he gave me a 221 G form and asked me to submit my detailed CV and a questionnaire to the VFS office. I have submitted everything on the same day. Could anyone please let me know how long is the typical wait time to process a 221 G green slip for H1B? I’m scheduled to fly back on 24th Jan? Should I reschedule?

Additional info:

I have completed my PhD in biological sciences (August 2–6-June 2012) from US. When I extended my visa in June 2010, I had to go through background check and had to submit similar documents. That visa was approved within 3 weeks. Currently I work in the legal department of a biopharmaceuticals and is not any way involved in active reaserch.

Though no one can tell the time taken for 221 g clearance, , I think that in yr case-Biological Sciences- time would be about 2 months. It can take more also.

You should consider yourself lucky if you get earlier clearance- which though a little difficult is not impossible due to earlier check

Do not reshedule departure immedietely.

Postpone that decision as much as practicable.

Earlier check and clearance is in yr favour