How long does it take for RFE approval

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I have a couple of questions and your responses will be very helpfull.

  1. I have filed my H1B through a consultant and recieved an RFE on Aug 2013 for which the attorney had sent a response on Sep 2013 and the status changed to RFE review response on Sep 19. Its been 2 weeks and no response yet. Generally how long does it take for RFE response to get back. I have seen lot of ppl getting their responses within 2 weeks and this keeps me worried.

  2. Does all RFE’s get approved eventually or is there a chance for denial too?

  3. I have been on my L1 before applying for H1B and was staying on my I94 extention for almost 8 mnths after my L1B expired. So will this affect my current H1B approval when i go for an interview as i have stayed on I94 extension.I didnt apply for I94 extension specifically but the officer at the port of entry had itself given me an I94 date for 2 years as he saw that my visa was about to expire in 5 mnths.

Kindly clarify on these please.



  1. Need to wait as US is shutdown

  2. It depends on RFE, whether they require general documents, educational docuements, client letter etc

  3. No problem

US shutdown is not effecting USCIS

I got my RFE in the month of May nad responded back on Aug 4, 2013. Status changed to RFE Response review on Aug 13th and i received approval mail on Oct 4th 2013.

Very worried as the US shutdown is in place now. But as per Beedam, i assume USCIS is still on and functionally fully which gives me a little sigh of relief. Hoping that i get my approval by Oct 19.

Thanks Beedam.

But Beedam, i read somewhere that the US shutdown does not impact USCIS processing much . Just the LCA’s have major impact. Any thought on this.